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For Sale: 2 Gammill Quilters and Tables

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My father recently passed and I've been tasked with finding a good home for his 2 quilting machines and tables. Kankakee, IL.




$0,000.00 for the Gammill Classic Plus and 14 ft table with light bar

$0,000.00 for the Gammill Classic 10 ft table with light bar


It is my understanding that the Gammill Classic Plus is an auto-stitcher which means that regardless of the operators movement the machine maintain accurately spaced stitches.


Both machines work on either table so if you would prefer the other sizes we could easily work something out, both tables are incredibly well light with the removable lightbar.


Sorry, I'm not incredibly familiar with these two machines as I'm just trying to sell off some of my father's estate. I will happily answer any questions and very open to working with you.  I can tell you he loved quilting and had two machines both which he always kept in the house.  He was a QA Chemist by trade so to say the machines were meticulously cared for would be an understatement. 


I've attached the original sales receipts as that might help everyone get a better understanding of the equipment being listed. Thanks again and please reach out with questions or would like to see more specific pictures. 


andrewboudreau at gmail dot com





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