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Great quote about sharing

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That quote is so true, Linda.  Had a friend who started me in my woodworking.  He built dulcimers and helped several people in our club learn how to make them.  Never tried to horde any of his knowledge and was always open to showing you the shortcuts or tricks of the trade.  When he and his wife retired and went fulltime  RV'ing for 5 years he GAVE his business away to a friend who was an excellent woodworker.


Even though Larry is dead now, his dulcimers are still a prize possession if you can find one.  I owe him for over 20 years of enjoyment.



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This is a wonderful quote.  Long ago I taught at a local quilt shop.  At a shop meeting one day, one of the other

teachers said that we should always leave a step or two out of our handouts so that people couldn't copy them

and give them away instead of signing up for our classes - after all, that kind of thing took money out of our

pockets!  I never understood her philosophy.

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Dear LInda,

We have all seen how you share your knowledge, skills and talents so you are surely living proof of the philosophy of sharing.

Many thanks for all your great postings over the years! I always look forward to reading what you suggest to the various questions posted on our forum.


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   I just want to add my second to the above words of appreciation to you for always being willing to share your knowledge.  There are others on here that share their knowledge as well but you go above and beyond on a regular basis and for someone who often needs things explained very minutely you do it so very well without making me feel stupid.


Thank you


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Linda, have I told you lately???  Well.....you already know I love you :)

Thanks for always being the extraordinary human being that you are. Just imagine how sad this (quilting) world would be if we didn't share our knowledge and help others to shine? There is plenty of room on the rainbow for everyone to shine in their glory, so all of us should give someone a step up on that rainbow. It's all good.

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Sharing is like seeds when planted, they grow and bless those who need them and the giver as well. Imagine this world without sharing, no growing, just drying & decaying. God's wisdom displayed here.

You Miss Linda is one generous and sagacious soul, thank you for your gift.

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