Breadboard and pinched square

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I think Virginia means "bead board" template; it is ¼" spaced groves for stitching bead board designs in borders, etc.  Quiltazoid made a template a few years back....

<p>Vickie Oliver Beachside Quilter APQS Rep SW FL 2013 New Gen Millennium, Quilt Path


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The beadboard is terrific and works great from the front of the machine. Spellchecker tries to turn it into bread board...HA HA! The pinched square is nice too. It is a continuous curved square that goes into the center of the square and then echo's back out.

Jennifer Bernard

My quilted jackets are on a competition journey around the country

gathering pretty ribbons (sometimes)!

Quilting with my Millennium and playing with my Quiltazoid!

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