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2011 Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher - For Sale

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*For Sale*


2011 Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher with a 30" neck and 12' table w/Casters and almost 1000 patterns

located in Wichita Falls, Texas (2 hours south of Oklahoma City, and 2 hours north of Dallas)

Sadly I am letting my machine go to pay medical bills for my 4 year old daughter who has cancer.  This machine's total mileage is only  6,473,387.  It's been moved once but we hired LInda's Electric Quilters in McKinney, TX to do it.


$27,000 OBO



Holly Murray


"Statler stitcher®

The Statler Stitcher® utilizes computer software and hardware to operate a longarm quilting machine capable of stitching almost any design. A Gammill® machine equipped with Statler Stitcher® can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours instead of days, and is guided by the computer instead of by hand. The system can determine the pattern size, block size, stitches per inch, repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern."


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