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ULTIMATEII with edgeriders $3000 SOLD SOLD SOLD

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The BEst Longarm APQS made

                                          SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

UltimateII for SALE $3000




Ten Foot Table

Ten Foot smooth cord                                SOLD  Ships tomorrow



Special Ruler foot





Buyer needs to transport, Shipping Box for Machine Head  Included


Hartley Base Included



foot pic 1 (1) (1).bmp



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Ok so I'm a total Newbie. I really want a longarm but unfortunately cost right now is a really big factor as much as I wish it wasn't. How would I figure out how much shipping would cost me on this machine, I'm in Southern California (sort of). Also I don't have a lot of experience with the machines so how hard is it to learn how to load your quilts, thread etc? You can message me back here or email at battynurse@gmail.com

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Battynurse, I am one too/  I had it shipped from Ca only way up North to here,  It was about $660  If you wanted to have it picked up when my new machine comes it would most likely be less. Also the company that freighted it would be familiar with transporting the machine.  Lets Talk.  






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