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If the screw is sticking out beyond the actual pigtail and not holding the pigtail tightly, I would hazard to guess you have the screw cross threaded and you need to try to unscrew it and get it in straight.  


If that is not the case and the screw head is flush with the pigtail and hold it securely, I believe you may have the thread miss threaded.  I was quilting yesterday on my George, and noticed when I broke thread to move that I had more top thread than normal when I pulled up my bottom thread to cut.  Everything looked fine to me, but could not figure out what was wrong.  It was only a few thread moves later that  I found that the quilt top had pulled the thread away from the finger next to the tension spring when I was moving the quilt sandwich.  Remarkably, it did not mess up my thread tension.  


You may want to completely retread your machine, and also check using your manual to ensure your pigtails are secured in the proper direction.  One or all three may be slightly off, causing your problem. Good luck fixing it.



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Barb, it's the first one coming down from the take up. I replaced both since there was a groove in both and was shredding my glide thread. The screw is tight. I don't know if it is at the wrong angle. I have the hook for the screw going across the top of the screw and the screw is even with the edge. Michelle

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I had this problem too.  I put tape around the screw gap and problem solved. I also readjusted the batting at the top of the cone so that too much thread would not be pulled.  It would get caught in the screw gap when too much thread was getting through and I slowed down.  As long as I was going full speed, it did not happen.  When I slowed down the thread would get slack and get caught in the screw.

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