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I don't know that there are any specific rules on stitch length but this is what I use -


Panto - 10 - 12 depending on density

Feathers or curvy designs - 12 - 15.  The smaller the feather the smaller the stitch.

micro work 15 or smaller depending on design, fabric, threat etc.  


If you aren't in SR mode then you slow down the machine enough to be able to do the technique well while keeping your stitch length consistent.  I often go to non-SR for fill work.  

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I agree with Heidi. You need the tiny stitch length for tiny background fills so that the shapes are smooth. Bigger stitches would make the tiny shapes more blocky. At least that is what Sue Patton said in my class at MQS. She also suggested we turn off the stitch regulator for the tiny work. I tried it and liked it!

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