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I am thinking of purchasing some type of the boards. I am wondering if they are all pretty

much a like. I would like to hear from others which they use and prefer.

I really don't want to pay a arm and a leg for them.

I love and suggestion from anyone


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I love all my Circle Lord boards! They are of great quality and I don't have any difficulty with the stylus staying in the groove like I did with another brand. Great customer service, though the other brand had great customer service also and allowed me to return the board. I have a Nolting with a Nolting frame so it is possible my frame played a role in the bit of difficulty.


(Michael, if you are reading this, I only purchased the other board as a customer wanted a particular design. I actually started using a panto and it wasn't working out and I had to switch mid stream to a board of the same design. I love your boards!!)

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I have several from R&S Designs plus I bought my stylus from them.  I just last week got some Quilt Ez Baptist Fan boards from a lady here on the forum.  They work great also and my stylus works with it just like with the R&S designs.


Groovy boards are fun...takes a little practice lining them up when you have to roll the quilt...but practice...practice...practice.



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As of right now I only have R & S boards. I've not had any problems. They work for my needs. I actually can not say anything bad about them at all. I enjoy my boards. I buy 4-5 at a time because I mainly do king quilts and I don't want to move and realign a lot. Which is nice you can buy only 1 or as many as you want. That's roughly $180 - 240 for me. Depending on size and price. I believe $46 is the highest cost of one board. They run quite a few sales.

I've wanted to try circle lord boards but as of yet I can't afford them. I like that they are longer boards and fit like puzzle pieces. I just haven't been able to justify the price difference yet. King size is I believe 3 pieces at $340. They have a couple sales a year and allow you to pay over time. Which I would think would help out if you buy several.

As for customer service. I've talked to both on the phone and email. Both were very nice people and answered all my questions and helped out all they could.

I only quilt for myself so maybe it's different for those that quilt for others.

Oh... both boards are sold used on this board from time to time. I'm sure you can't go wrong with either company.

We'll I hope this helps some how.

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I have a lot of the r n s design boards and love them.  They are easy to use and the finished quilts are beautiful.  They have sales pretty often and I try to buy then.  I also buy 4 or 5 of each pattern but you can piggy back them if you buy less.  I think you would be pleased with these boards.

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Have Circle Lord boards.  Love them.  Easy to use.   Results are great.  Have more than the large boards, but the large boards are great for edge to edge.    The other boards are great for custom-type quilting.  Have never had R-n-S, so can't compare.   Like the fact that their large boards come as a complete set and once they are on you don't have to move them to complete  row.



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I have the circle lord with several patterns and the crosshatch board.  I just got Quilt Path for my Freedom, so I won't be using it much anymore.  I am willing to sell them.  I have the following:

Circle lord


Featherz border

Mini featherz and pattern booklet

Featherz and pattern booklet

ginkgo and pattern booklet


gaint template crosshatch board

push button assembly (for working on the front side of machine)

I would prefer to sell the whole lot.  Asking $860 + shipping.



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