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New space for Squiggy!!!!


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  • 4 weeks later...

Oh I got busy moving into my new space I forgot to post pics! Here are some before and after...I now have a design wall...yippee, and a new patio area....I AM a happy woman with a great husband!.........and about the name.......my friend and I both bought APQS Lenni's on the same day....and I decided they were buddies, just like Lenny and Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley!








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Ya'll did a great job on the conversion.  I was going to say I bet you missed your screened porch but then I saw the pics of the new patio you built.  Love that part too.


Bet you are happy with it.  Hubby deserves a big banana pudding for all of that work.



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I used 1/4 styrofoam insulation board ($7 for a 4x8 sheet at lowes), cut it fit the space, spray basted Dream Cotton Batting and pulled it back over the edges and secured it to with duct tape... Then I attached it to the wall with 6 (three across the top and three across the bottom) COMMAND picture hanging strips...no holes in my brand new wall...

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