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NQR - Baby Olivia is Here!

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Just sharing with friends I have made here on the forum - our baby Olivia is here!  She went to NICU for her first few days after she was born as she needed a little help breathing and had a little hole in her heart - though we are blessed as it looks as though she will not need surgery - we go back in sixth months to be sure.  Just wanted to share!


I was a little nervous how I'd manage quilting with a new baby and a sort of rough recovery from c-section, but I'm feeling pretty confident after the last few days.  I've been trying to get back in the groove of things, and though we're in a new routine, I think we're going to do well!    Hoping to turn on my long arm today for the first time in over a month - I'm excited!


18920984422_9dd9f5681a_z.jpg10156154_992445217435398_3669092887959211330_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr


18929157661_1b85893e54_z.jpg11407027_995346993811887_8600579986495077281_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr


18738612008_6db47d6856_z.jpg11148725_10153328819596280_8383794187401466208_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr


Looking forward to catching up with everyone!  :)

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She is absolutely beautiful.  I can't think of anything better that would keep me from quilting than that precious thing.  I used to love to blow bubbles (more sound than bubbles) on my grandkids belly when they were lying still.  They would just laugh and laugh.  That 3rd picture is just pure innocence.



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