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HI everyone, my LENNI has arrived 

I have a very smaill studio, it took some effort to get it into the room.  The room is 10 by 12 and the table 12 feet


I have to "crawl" through the closet to get into the room  but here it is.






It looks like a bowling alley so I named her ALLEY CAT

I added my second quilt that is on the frame


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When I took a class with Sue Patten, she said when she got her first longarm, she had to punch a hole in the dining room wall during delivery to get her frame to fit.  And my APQS dealer told me that during a "temporary" move to Chicago, her Millie was in such a tight room that she had to crawl under the frame to use it - and the family computer!  No space available on either end.  Quilters do what it takes!

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