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Here is a brief update. I have looked at every connection and it all looks right. No unplugged wires, no broken wires.


With the right rear handle plunged directly into the machine everything on the handle works properly. If I plug it in through the compuquilter system the right rear handle no longer works but it does turn the top indicator lights on when I try to push a button. Also from the software when I try a one stitch, the lights on the top of the machine turn on but nothing actually happens. 

I am not sure what else to try, any suggestions would be great. I will try to call into APQS in the morning and see if they can help further.

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Hi again,


Have you carefully looked in the black control box on top of the machine head to see if one of the wires has come loose in there?


When I upgraded to the new CQ6, I had it working and then it stopped.  The machine moved, but CQ would not turn on the machine. It turned out to be a wire completely out of its place. It must have been touching a little when it was working.

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Check that little junction board that is stuck to that rear handle where you plug into.  We have had the pins go through the sticky tape and then short out against the handle.  You can take it off and add some more double stick tape and then attach it back to the handle and see if that does the trick.

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