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The Dove Emblem on APQS Machines

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I haven't asked a question in a few days so while waiting for "her highness" to wake I thought I would ask a question that I've been meaning to ask for a while now.


The "dove" emblem on APQS machines....does anyone know the story behind it?  Is it a Christian symbol or is it not a dove?  Being a christian it always warms my heart when I see it but then it might not have anything to do with Christianity.  And no I'm not trying to start a debate or anything on religion.


I'll still love APQS no matter what the symbol stands for.  I just have a curious mind.




Ok...I'm a bit slow this morning.  I did a search and found part of a thread about the dove.  Seems the original owners put it on the machines as a show of their faith....when they sold the company to 3 people part of the deal was that the dove had to stay on each machine.  I couldn't find the original posts that went more into detail but got the feeling that this company is run on Christian principles.  Just another reason I want to one day own an APQS machine.







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Stealing Vicki M's post from a year or so ago.


Here is the original link to the reason for the dove, however when I click on the link in this link I don't go anywhere but I think you'll get the idea from the thread...http://forum.apqs.co...to-ask/?hl=dove


Oh I found that post....http://forum.apqs.co...estion/?hl=dove


There's your answer!



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