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Circle Lord and templates pkg


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For Sale I have a Circle lord system that includes the pieces and templates listed below. I have put the retail prices beside all the items in the package. I am asking $750 for everything listed including a few extra templates that are not shown on the website. Plus shipping.


Circle Lord Basic Plus $379

Circle Lord Up Front Stylus for APQS $129

Aztek $89

Featherz $89

Feathers Borderz $69

Stella $69

Heartz $69

Ginkgo $69

Spirals 12 $69

tiles $129

Mini Clamshells $109

Curved Crosshatch $119

18" Crosshatch Close 1/4 inch $119

Paid over $1507 plus tax and shipping. Asking $750 obo

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Deb Levy made an excellent series of videos on how to use the Circle Lord system, for MQResources.  Unfortunately, I don't think they are accessible anymore unless you paid for the class which ended 5 year ago.  I still have them on my account there.  If enough people ask, maybe MQResources will re-release the videos.  It's www.mqresource.com.


The Circle Lord products are awesome.  They are easy to use and make your quilting look really professional.  Even though I have the IQ computer now, I still have my Circle Lord because it is so much fun to use.

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