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I am so thrilled I just shipped back this Sew Spooky Quilt to my client - it is the third I have worked on - but probably the one I have had the most fun with!


Next I'm working on a modern Dear Jane for a quilting pal and author...I cannot wait to share!


19129314554_6e7ae5834a_z.jpg11745902_1018180371528549_2809008673189477644_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr


19563847188_d23d0ab65b_z.jpg11745799_1018180628195190_2003377507643921416_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr


19129308234_20d14097ab_z.jpg11705345_1018180138195239_9138544337569700206_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr


19744645542_8bd95fa07b_z.jpg11209560_1018180458195207_4749325135880520849_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr


19129361514_c8060bfef8_z.jpg1908120_1016383421708244_7673983274942293842_n by Valerie Smith, on Flickr

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