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2005 APQS Millennium for Sale

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My husband and I retired and moved from central Iowa to north central Missouri. We drastically down-sized, and I now have no room for the Millennium which I purchased new in 2005. Since I was still working full-time outside the home, the Millie was gently used in a small, home-based business. The Millie has a stitch regulator; auto advance; lower thread cutter; 12 foot table; and comes with micro drive handles; Quiltazoid; 50-60 pantos; thread; longarm quilting books, etc.


This machine has worked very well for me, and I have kept it in good condition. It is currently in storage, but worked very well when I last used it in April. I'm asking $4500 for all.


Nancy Hanna






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I can't wait to have your Millie in my home!  I have sent you an e-mail.  Please, please tell me Millie is coming to my home.

Do you have the shipping boxes?   Can you tell me if/when the wheels were last changed?





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I would like to buy this or any other millie with a deal like this.   I did buy a Gammill  but also loved the Millie I tried out.  Quilt Path and Statler have such a big price difference would like one to run on it and one for me to play with.  Back to reality I never stumble on these deals till they are gone. Gammill needs auto fabric advance.....they all think I am crazy that there is even such a thing.    

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