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May I ask a question, inquire minds want to know.  I recently purchased Kim Brunner's "Twirly Whirly Feathers workbook and DVDs.  In the videos there is a continuous chirping in the background.  It looks like she is on an APQS longarm machine.  Is that the chirping from stitch regulator?  If so, can you control the volume?


In the video, I found it a bit annoying, and though if that went on the entire time I was quilting I would shoot myself.  The only time I have seen a longarm APQS machine was at the store, and the instructor was not allowing the student to use stitch regulator mode.  I was on my DSM for the class as I have a George, but I do not remember chirping in the room with 3 or 4 machines.  Just a little as the instructor pushed some buttons for the needle up/down and other settings when she was teaching at the machine.


If the chirping goes on forever, I thing I would have to treat is it like those annoying baby/kid toys with no volume control.  You take it apart and stuff toilet paper into the speaker area to deaden the noise.  Otherwise, I would think I would be Grinch like; "Oh the noise, noise, noise."



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I never really hear the chirping once I start to stitch. I would likely sew through my finger without it and would not want to get rid of it. And believe me, I am a person who is very easily annoyed by little noises. I think the chirp is louder on videos than in real life. Mine is not loud at all. Yes, Kimmy Brunner used to have an APQS. I think the chirp can be disabled. But, I love my little chirp, just like Linda.

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You can't disable the chirp but you can deaden it. Find the chirp box (under the top hood) and wrap it with electrical tape until it's a volume you can stand.

That said, the only time the chirp will drive you bonkers is when you're new. Then using the fabulous SR you realize you can stop and think about your next step. That's when you want to strangle it. It's chirping in your ear and you can't think. It's a safety feature and when you're stitching the machine pretty much drowns it out. If you want it to stop while you're figuring out your next move---hit any button to stop everything (with the needle down) and then engage the SR when you're ready to go.

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I remember when I first used my lenni(08) I thought I could not stand that noise!  Now I don't even notice it.  With lenni it tells you the SR is engaged and also that the machine is on, just in case you stop quilting and leave the room.  Lenni is different from the other machines in that SR is on ALL the time unless you're in manual mode.  You can't push a button to think and then reengage SR, just like there is no speed control in SR mode, except you :).

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