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How do I start/stop my ends so that I can cut the threads?

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So far I've been doing the knot/bury loose thread ends on my quilts. Well, that's all fine and good when there's less than 10 of them on a quilt ... usually just a handful. But I'm currently working on a modern quilt that's requiring lots of straight line quilting and LOTS of stops/starts. I'm anticipating it will take me an additional two hours off the frame to knot/bury all of those thread ends. And while this quilt may end up going to some shows it's not heirloom style quilting. In the future with these types of quilts I'd like to cut the thread ends instead of knot/bury. So my question is how do I do this? If it's in IQ mode I can make an adjustment to end with little stitches but when I'm in manual mode I'm unclear how to approach this.



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You can do the same as IQ. Stop your stitches (in a seam if possible), use your needle positioner to take three tiny stitches a thread apart. Down once more to pull up the bobbin thread. Hold all threads to put some tension on them and cut carefully. Another option is to leave in SR mode and do three or four jiggle stitches at the end. Just jog the handles enough to make the stitches. You can do either routine at the start as well as the end.

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