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upgrading my milli

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Hi Donna:

Automatic fabric advance is $1350.00. You would need to check with APQS service to see if a thread cutter can be added to your machine. Thread cutters have been standard on Millenniums for several years. They can tell you if your model has the electronics needed. Good luck!

<p>Vickie Oliver Beachside Quilter APQS Rep SW FL 2013 New Gen Millennium, Quilt Path


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With so many machines for sale lately, and the used machines from APQS, you might want to wait for one with the options you need and then sell yours. 

My 2004 Millie came with the thread cutter and the power advance. I use the thread cutter quite a bit. 

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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I removed my thread cutter a few months after I bought my Millie, less weight and like Sue, I find it easier to pull the thread to the top to tie the knot & bury the tails or backtrack.

Fabric advance is a must, I agree.


Corey Starkey

IQ & Bllissed Millennium

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