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Went to Road Show, put deposit on a Millie

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Yesterday I drove three and a half hours from Chicago to Dubuque to attend a road show and check out the APQS machines.  What a great experience that was!  They answered questions I hadn't even thought of asking!  We had a great time--just me and about 8 women--and got to play on all five of the APQS machines.  I went pretty sure I was not going to buy because my local quilt shop had made me a great offer on one of the long arms they carry.  After about 5 minutes playing on one machine, I was sure I was NOT buying the machine from my LQS, and had to have an APQS.  By the time I quit playing, I had been convinced by the machines themselves that I needed a Millie in my home.  Out came the credit card and a deposit was made!


If you or anyone you know is considering one of these machines, have them go to a road show first--they made a sweet deal for those of us who came to the road show--free fabric advance system, free quilt glide, and $$$$ off the list price too!  Well worth 7 hours in the car!


Now I have to wait for my money to come in (I'm waiting for an inheritance to clear and that's buying the machine for me).  I have never been a particularly patient person.  I'm filling up my time by getting the room ready.  I need to move my domestic machine into another area of our house--so I'm putting a new floor down in that room this weekend, and setting that room up as my quilting studio.  My Millie will have a studio of her own.  Getting all of the "stuff" moved around will help me fill my time (I have to move the elliptical machine and the treadmill to the basement to turn the back room into my sewing space).  





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I drove about 3 1/2 hours to the show in Shipshewana. Put a dexpository on the George. Will be at my ranch after labor day I'm just glad I'm still traveling until then or I would be waiting for the call from the freight company. I also looked at some other machines but was pretty sure I was buying a George. Enjoy.


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So, waiting for inherited money to clear all the hurdles, I FINALLY was able to pay for my Millie a while back.  The story of money being sent, waiting for bank "A" to clear so it could come to MY bank "b" and then for the funds to clear THERE so I could write a check was frustrating and very long.  I did not handle the wait well, not being  a patient man. But finally, I was able to send a check (which had to clear APQS bank before they could start building my machine).  Sigh.


Yay!! I got an email yesterday that informs me that my Millie will be shipped next week! I'm very excited.  Now I need to get off my rear end and finish the floor in my new sewing studio so I can move my domestic machine and fabric to the small room--opening up the large space for Malcolm (it's my Millie's new name).  Lots of work to do, but will keep me from exploding out of excitement until the machine arrives.  


I bought a lovely DVD/media shelving unit and put it together--it makes a perfect cone thread holder, because there are lots of shelves and they're only 5 inches deep.  My son says it makes the room look "official."  


Now it's time to get to work on the floor: scraping up old breaking cork tiles and replacing them with a snap in vinyl "wood like" floor.  Just in time to start my quilts for Christmas.



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