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I've been so busy for a couple of months. My guild show is in October, I'm the co-chairperson and quilting like crazy to get everyone's quilts finished for the show.

I just finished one for me! I found a vintage DWR at an antique mall for $15. I only glanced at it to see what shape it was in, snatched it up, and ran home.


The arcs are machine pieced but the pinched squares and melons are hand-pieced. I repaired some open seams and found a couple of small stains. I think it's vintage but probably not feed sacks. The color way is very deliberate. Each arc has the same progression of color with pink/coral at each end. And each set of facing arcs has the same fabrics in mirror image. The piecer wanted it all neat and orderly.


After looking at it it was obvious that it had been sandwiched and hand-quilting started. One edge had echo-quilting along the arcs and centers, and inside each arc piece. One center had a circle and a double-line cross hand quilted in. I assume the seller had found this and realized that no one would buy it when it was partially quilted so they took the layers apart to sell only the top. Lucky me!


Link to photos


Look for the shadow of the 80 year-old quilting. Water, steam, pressing---nothing removed the shadow of that long-ago quilter and her stitches. I love it. Arrow right at Flickr for detail shots. More quilts beyond that.

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It looks outstanding.  You should have shown us a close up of how you hid the old quilting in your new quilting.  I looked for it, but do not see it. While it may be visible to you, I do not believe it will shows much, if at all to those that did not know it was there beforehand.  Great camouflaging job.


On a side note, when you enter it into a quilt show, do you enter it for just the quilting as the piecer is unknown?  Just wondering, I have never entered a show, and have only attended about 2 or 3 shows.  



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Hi David. That's my original design. I've used it on other DWRs for customer quilts. It's marked first and then stitched freehand without templates. I found the center of the block, placed a 3 1/2" circle there, marking the circle into eighths at the edge. The I used a drafting circle template to mark the petals all around. The leaves were stitched as I got to them. Takes longer to mark than to stitch! And most of the blocks were not even so finding the center was a problem. You're welcome to use the design.

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Wow, how lucky are we to get to browse through Linda R's Flickr account?  I saw lots of eye candy in there.


Love the quilting design on your DWR.  It's both fresh and appropriate to the time the quilt top originated.  


I saw a green quilt with a lovely organic leafy border that I may use on my next quilt coming up.  You are so talented Linda!  Thanks for sharing.

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