Go to a road show first!!!

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I just went to an APQS Road Show (check the events calendar for one near you) on Thursday.  It was a 3 1/2 hour drive from Chicago to Dubuque for me, but worth every single second!  Go with every question you can think of, and be ready for them to answer all your questions including some you haven't thought of yet.  I'd test "driven" a couple of other brands of machines, and was close to canceling my reservation for the road show because I was sure I was buying another machine, but decided I should go and compare.  Within a few minutes of sewing on the APQS, I changed my mind.  And the presenters were really good at pointing out the benefits of APQS, which ended up being superior to the other machine in every way.  


But another reason to go to the road show is that you can play with every machine APQS makes.  It was great to go directly from the Lenni to the Lucey to decide if that difference in throat space would make all that much difference to me.  And it was amazing to sew on a traditional set up for a while and then turn around and sew on a bliss track set up. The difference was OBVIOUS to me.  I had to have the Bliss.


Perhaps the best reason to go, though, is that you'll get a road show discount.  I saved a lot of money. They had a discount AND they included the automatic fabric advance and the Quilt Glide system both for free!  


I put down a deposit to hold the special deal and will pay the remainder in a week or two and it will be on its way to my home!


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Road show did it for me, too!   I've gone to two since, and since I've not purchased another machine,  I was just going for info.  They didn't mind.

I'm happy with my basic Lenni. 


Good luck with your new machine~!  You will love it, Kevin.

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I had "purchased in my mind" another brand until I went to a show and test drove all those available.  Still not convinced, I went to a Road Show.  You are exactly right!  Getting all your questions answered and "driving" all the different models makes all the difference.  I have NEVER regretted my decision.

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