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Selling 20 gently used pantos. $180 + Large flat rate box shipping. Will accept paypal.


Patricia Ritter- 13" Wholelotta Feathers
Barbara Becker - 13" Drunken Feathers
Iris's Quilt Garden - 14" Thai Euphorbia

Patricia Ritter - 10" Indian Summer
Patricia Ritter - 13" Harvest Winds

Golden Threads - 13" Damask Rose

Barbara Becker - 9"  Zoidberg Feathers

Golden Threads - 15" (Double Row) Whatever- Large
Sew-Phie Quilts - 12" Windy Stars

Karlee Porter- 9" Patriot
Patricia Ritter - 11" Tumbling Teddy Bears (new in wrapper)
Kathie James- 13" Chocolate Swirl Feather
Patricia Ritter - 8" (double row) Sparkle

Creative Sisters - 7" Laurie
Patricia Ritter - 8" Sweet Pea
Jessica Schick - 9" Modern Lace
Patricia Ritter - 10" Mountain Laurel
Nancy Read- 8" Interlocking Holly Ribbon
Patricia Ritter - 11" Fanfare Grand
Jessica Schick - 7" (double row) EZ Lacey Loops


PM me or email if interested.
Kim L.






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