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I bought several large cones just before I upgraded from my old mid arm to a Millie.  It worked well on my mid arm.  Perhaps my reaction is because I'm a beginner-ish on my long arm, but I have more tension issues with the Madeira than with say, Superior So Fine or Bottom Line, on my Millie.  I am an avid Madeira Rayon user on my decade with my six needle embroidery machine, so was a little disappointed the quilting thread did not perform as well.  Might just be my inexperience with tension, however.  Good luck.

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Madeira is the only thing I'll use for embroidery. I needed some blue and grey for a quilt a few weeks ago so I went to our local sewing shop. They sell Madeira but the large spools were serger thread. It seemed a lot thinner than the Signature that I use, and didn't seem to quilt the same. She said that's all she uses to quilt with and that it's actually larger than my Signature 40wt. I wish I could have experienced the Madeira Quilting.

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