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Looking for quilts idea ( update with pics.)

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Unless you do super-high-contrast thread, not much is going to show on any of it. For a lower budget, a nice curvy/leafy overall would look nice. If their budget calls for more custom, I'd still use curvy designs, but drop something in each block. Did you photograph that one "creatively pieced block" on purpose (unless that's a trick of the camera)? The other blocks look like they're fine, but it looks like she "made it fit" with that one. If that's the case you don't want to draw attention to that by crosshatching or other straight-line quilting. How are the borders? If they were a challenge for her, you can drop designs in the blocks and stitch an overall on the borders to tame them if they're extra full.

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Finished with pics. I know the corner looks strange but when I see it first hand it gives the corner a heart shape. Did a large design in middle because the back was peiced with large left overs and grains did not go same directions so had a lot of stretching but managed to get no tucks. I think because of larger design. It was Indian summer and crosshatch on the borders. The customer wants to turn the outside border for the binding.




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