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HELP - how can I quilt this? Updated: FINISHED!

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Back with a finished quilt...finally. I sure didn't quote high enough for this one. Every one is a learning experience when you're new at this.

Client wanted all crosshatching. So that's what I did. I really wanted some feathers, etc. like you all suggested but she was pretty firm. In the middle of doing this my machine was down for a week while getting parts. I learned how to time her too! It took me hours and hours of ruler work, stopping and starting and burying threads at all the appliqués. Overall I think it looks good. She will pick up this week and I'm hoping she loves it.

Lesson learned: charge more if I do crosshatching and I will not do another whole quilt this way for a client again!!

Omni thread top and bottom. And again my photos are upside down....why???

Hi everyone. I have this quilt to work on. About 72 x 100. They client was asked by her aunt to finish a quilt for her. When she got it there was only one block done, hand appliquéd. So she and her friends each did a part of it - machine appliquéd. She's thinking Baptist Fans or Cross Hatching. I'm thinking it deserves some feathers somewhere. Her budget is light custom but I think she's open to other suggestions. Cross hatching the whole thing would be very time consuming and I don't think it will do it justice. Baptist Fans - I have boards and would have to quilt thru the appliqués. Any ideas? This is only part of the quilt since I have no way of photographing the whole thing. The open white space in the pic is for tucking in the pillows I guess. Possibly some feathered wreaths. The rest is all appliqué.

I am no where near an expert. But I look at this as a great piece to practice feathers, etc.

any ideas from you experts out there?





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Really pretty top.  I like your idea of some feathers in there, maybe wreaths in the white space and then a background fill behind the wreaths?  Oh look.  That's what you said!  Great minds I guess.  I vote against BF because of quilting through the applique. 


I be you're going to get brilliant ideas soon, and those are going to generate the perfect quilting design on this quilt.

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When I look at the quilt, I see two squares on point between the six "box flowers" appliqués.  The boxes would be filled with flowers emulating the appliquéd flowers.  On the edges near the border the squares would have to be triangles to fill the area, again filled with a flowers design to fill the area.  Around the boxes, some flowing feathers.  As the quilt top that you have presented in the photos appears to be flowing, I think you need some straight sharp lines in your quilting.  





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