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I did it...Bliss is on it's way!

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:) I took the plunge and just ordered the Bliss Upgrade for my 2006 Millie.  I can't wait to see how much easier the machine will operate.  I've only read good things on this forum regarding Bliss.  I also saw the video from Sparrow Studios showing how "Lenni" moved down the table with only a fan blowing on it, what?  Talking with Amy yesterday kind of sealed the deal.  Looking forward to my delivery.


Yours in soon to be smoothly rolling stitches,


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I played with Bliss at a road show recently.  First I sewed on a Freddie without the Bliss system. It was nice and smooth and easy to move.  I really didn't expect anything big from the Bliss, and was quite sure I wasn't going to pay extra for it.  Then I moved to the Millie with Bliss, and it took all of about 10 seconds to completely change my mind!  I clearly felt the difference, and I KNEW I had to have Bliss on my machine when I ordered it.  So I sat down with Josh (the presenter) and put a deposit on a machine WITH BLISS.  Can't wait!

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