Need Lenni breaking threads

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My Lenni was set up yesterday. I stitched a little on a sample piece and all seemed well.

After Bob left I started having skipped stitches in stitch regulated mode. Then the top thread started shredding. Today I changed thread (tied on and pulled through. Now I can only stitch a couple inches and the thread skips then breaks....this is in both stitch regulated and manual mode.

Please help!

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Take a deep breath. It will be okay. There is a lot of information on this forum that will help you. I would look at the thread path again to see if the thread is going correctly from all the pigtails back to the spool. Has anything wound around incorrectly? Is there anything on the spool that the thread may be catching on?

Try a new needle in case you hit a thick seam and damaged it in some way.

Loosen the upper tension quite a bit and then gradually tighten it until the stitch is forming correctly.

You could also try loosening the bobbin tenstion on the bobbin case so the top thread does not have to work so hard to pull up the bottom thread to form the stitch in the interior of the seam.

Jamie Wallen has a good you tube video that explains tension well.

Bradie Sparrows from Sparrows Studioz has a very good video on loading a quilt and starting to long arm

Check that your quilt sandwich is not drum tight between the rollers.

Good luck!

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Thank you...I know it will get worked out...just have a free day tomorrow. I am not new to long arm quilting. Really think the thread could be catching or it's the tension. I did loosen the top tension one full turn.

No seams yet! Only muslin and it was threading a few times and skipping there too.

Quilt is quite loose...

Really appreciate your help!

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I am stitching! I really think it was the bobbin and sewing the quilt top to the layers ....moving right to left instead of left to right.

Honestly with my last system that didn't matter.

I did have a couple areas to rip out where the tension suddenly was gone. Have to figure that out.

Can anyone tell me why there is a beep about every 10 seconds in stitch regulated mode?

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Funny! I'm learning to tune it out. Second quilt of the day....thread still breaking occasionally...after it shreds.

Now I'm stitching along fine and the bottom tension is suddenly not there. Take the bobbin out...reinsert exactly the same and it works again....strange!

All stitching this time was done left to right also.....any ideas ?

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