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Yesterday, yes even on a Sat., I had to go about 30 miles,  up to Raleigh for an MRI, at 9:00 a.m.

Then at 2 we went to a friends funeral.  She had a sense of humor that can't be beat.


Well they were a mixed race couple, and he was color blind.   One day:

He asked a friend to put something out in his 'white' pickup.  The guy searched high and low out in

the parking lot and couldn't find a white pick up.  He went back in and told Freeman there wasn't a

white pick-up out there.  Freeman pointed to a pick up and said, "its right there".   His friend told him,

"That is gold, not white!"   His wife popped up with "Don't let that be a bother,  it took him 3 years to

figure out I'm white!" 


Need I say the congregation broke up?  Too funny.


In the evening we drove about 30 miles south to celebrate our 57th anniversary at Long Horn with

our 2 daughters and son-in-law.  None of the grandkids were there!


Have a wonderful week,


God Bless,


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I would say "Dang grandkids", but one of mine (19 years old) saved her money so she could drive down from Portland (750 miles) with a friend to spend 10 days with us during her summer break from college.  Feels pretty good at the moment.  I love your race couple story.  Happy anniversary!  That's a lot of years with the same man.  God bless you.

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Hi Rita laughing at your story that was a good one.  Happy Anniversary!!! Well my hubby and I have been married for 38 years next month and to this day not one of the 3 kids have called to say Happy Anniversary but I always turn the other cheek and make sure I send them a card and gift card to go out to eat. One day maybe I will have the nerve when they say thanks to say yep your Dad and I could have went out for our anniversary with that card but out of the goodness in our hearts we thought you would enjoy it more. 

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Congratulations on 57 years of wedding bliss.  


I greatly enjoyed your color blind story.  I believe more and more of the public has become color blind too, unfortunately it seems at times the press wants us to think otherwise.  I am sorry you lost a dear friend, and will remember to keep you and them in my prayers this week.  


Hopefully your MRI results will bring about a humors story too.  Take care, and have a Blessed Day.



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well Congratulations to you and Roland for your 57 blessed years of marriage.

That is amazing.  I sure wish couples these days would persevere thru the hard times to make their marriages last like our generation

has.  Maybe there would be more family orientated children and grandchildren. 

you are both to be commended, because anyone who has been married that long knows it is hard work, but so worth the benefits.

42 years for my husband and me.

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