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I'm at a loss! The center has me stumped. The fabric strips have some musical notes so she wants a music theme to the quilting. The center strips are only an 1" wide so not much can be done . But I'm wondering if I should group a section not treat each strip as an individual.

In the corners I'm going to do a G clef and feathers in the borders

Any suggestions are greatfully accepted TIA



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For me the G clef gets swallowed up in your feathers.  I would suggest some other design than a feather around them so they stand out more if she wants a musical overtone to the quilt.  I like the circles, as the note stands out more to me.  You could also put another note; something like the note below, in the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions.  With circles around all the different notes.



  • 93c3c6d35830743908472c560ed94f32.jpg

On the yellow sections between the brown lines on the inner portion of the quilts, you could use them as lines on sheet music and just quilt in some actual notes between the dark lines.  I cannot find a sheet music page that I can post here.  If you search for musical note quilt pattern, there are a number of quilts with musical notes on them that may give you some ideas.


I like the outside feathers.  Good luck finishing the quilt.




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I like your clef  with the feathers, but maybe staff lines instead of the pebbles.  That would help it stand out more.  I would also work in a bass clef and rests and other music symbols with them on staff lines.  Does the center pieced design really need much design quilting or would it be a good look to just do a form of SID or 1/4 in lines or similar.

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The last one is good.  I like the feathered piano keys in the outer border.  Before I got down to the last picture I was thinking that in each of the four "open" squares in the center design you could put one staff and note in the "north" square, another staff, note and rest in the "east" square,  and again similar in the south and west squares.  You can still put the feathers around the center edges.  I do like some kind of lines around the clefs.

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I know I'm late to the party but I had some of the same suggestions as Cagey and Madelyn.  I would drop the treble clefs down into the corner "v" more and let the curl on the bottom of the t clef nestle in the v.  In the 12 3 6 & 9 positions I thought of the bass clef with the colon(:) behind it.  I like the idea of the staff lines with notes, or even with the clefs.  BTW, if I had to decide how to do this, NOTHING would have come to mind, but I had some ideas here.  Yea me.  Please let us see what you finally come up with.

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