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So I have been missing quilting so I have been slowing slipping back in to the biz. Today I went to the open house in Lee's Summit with the plan to try out the Lucey and keep her in the forefront for when I am ready to buy. However, they had a Millie set up too. Bliss, Quilt Glide, need I say more. So many things have changed on the machines, the color, the fly wheel cover, the table, etc. When I tried the Millie, I was sold....again. I did not make the purchase, but I did solidify it in my mind and for the first time, I kicked my own butt for selling my first machine. I have a goal in mind, but it is only a matter of time before I will own a Millie. Just thought you all should be the first to know. Oh, and it was great to see my favorite, Dawn Cavanaugh today. 

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Mary Beth:  Do you remember me?  I'm Mary Beth, too!   When you were "downsizing" I stopped by and purchased some goodies from you.  Many of them have come in quite handy.  If you are headed north to see Sheri, maybe I could catch a ride from Cameron and we could all play together!   I'd love to just stand and watch and listen to you two.  I'm sure there would be SOOOO much to learn.   Love it that you are back!!!!

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Thank you, Mary Beth! Yes, I do remember you. I am so happy you were able to use the tools. If you are not afraid of being corrupted, then you would be welcome to join Sheri and I for a day of quilting. It should be fun. I know I look forward to getting back at it Just trying out the Millie at the Open House in Lee's Summit was not enough. 

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