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I just did a quilt two days ago with that same panto. really had to pay attention with all those crossovers. I think you did a great job on yours.

The first row was murder. I lost track of where I was twice. Then I got smart and highlighted the crossing points in yellow. As I quilted I would say Yellowwwww and Blackkkk just to make sure I didn't pick out anymore stitches LOL

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Heidi Merrill posted a quilt with beautiful feather wreaths that were so perfect.  She told me she uses stencils to mark.  Ever since then I've used them too.  I don't follow them perfectly, but they are wonderful for following.  I use the iron off chalk and a foam brush with the stencil.  I don't iron it off, I rub with a microfiber and then use the compressor to get the rest of the chalk off the quilt.  If you get the other chalk it flies off while you're quilting.  Someone said they use hairspray and the chalk sticks right to it, but I don't want hairspray on my quilts.


Use your scraps and make a block quilt, get some stencils and do your custom.  You'll be surprised how nice it looks.

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