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2000 APQS Millenium For Sale - Excellent condition, 14 foot table, motorized quilt uptake, upgraded wheels with extra set of wheels for upgrade later, stitch regulator, bobbin winder, bobbin thread cutter, electric channel locks - horizontal and verticle, laser pointer, Hartley Fence and Base with circle guide.  Ruler Mate base expander, horizontal dual thread holder.  Many pantographs, thread, needles, bobbins and various other longarm quilting supples and books.  Sewing head  overhauled at APQS Headquarters.  $10,000.00.  Delivery in 500 mile radius of Northeastern Ohio, available.  Moving out west to be with children and grandchildren, no room for longarm.  Going to miss my Millie.

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I'll tread lightly ;) and advise that your price is rather high. There's a 2006 Millie for $6000 on the forum and while that price is a steal, you might want to contact APQS to ask what a reasonable price would be for your 15 year-old Millie. If you lower the price you can pull the add-ons and sell them separately. Believe it or not, a 14' table is a hard sell as well....


Another thought---would there be room on the moving van for your machine? That might get it closer to a potential buyer in the west. Just a thought and good luck with the sale!

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