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Design help needed - Wolf Quilt - FINISHED WITH PICTURES

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My customer doesn't want this "over quilted" . . . I look at it and just see a blank page.  Any suggestions???



I put this up here about a month ago, and just delivered the quilt last week.  I decided to SID around all those brown sashings; watery meander in the gold area; meander and outline in the wolf pictures with invisifil thread, and curved lines in the borders (thanks Kathy at Tamarack Shack for the tutorial on that!).  The customer made the quilt for her husband, and he was over the top pleased!!!  Once the quilting was finished, the centre wolf almost looks 3D - like his nose is sticking right out of the quilt!  This quilt had wool batting, so nice for texture!








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I say copy the brown paw prints in the black areas, walking them around the quilt counter clockwise.  To make your life easier, I would not break thread between the four toes and the center pad, but have a line from each toe to the center pad.  Then a straight line to the next paw print.  Followed by an echo line around the paw print and the line connect each one to fill the space.  


In the inner foliage area, from each corner to the center a leaf print with veins in each leaf.  Maybe a large maple leaf.


SID around the dark inner brown sections.  Then a wide echo to follow the contour of the brown line around the outer picture area.


Crosshatch the yellow brown areas.  Followed by minimal quilting in the center wolf areas.  Maybe some meander with invisible thread to not take away from the image.



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