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Design help needed -Bargello quilt

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I could really use advice on this Bargello quilt, I have not quilted a Bargello - the customer wants custom quilting - she wants to enter in a beginner level show. I am thinkinking some type of feathers. And maybe leaves in

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It seems to me that the colors in the quilt top flow verses being in a straight line.  Though that may be because of the way the quilt is set on your table.  With all that being said, I would quilt a flowing line along all the large color changes.  Then fill in those color zones with different designs of your choice.  


Angela Walters has a quilt top that I have in a book, but I do not believe that I can post it without infringing on her copy rights.  You can check out her website;  Her impracticality quilt is something like what I am thinking, but not exactly.  I see a rainbow when I look at the quilt, and I believe the quilting should accentuate that pattern in the quilt top


On the borders, I believe your feathers will stand out and look great.  Just my two cents worth.  Please show pictures of your final work.  Best of luck.



May your threads be balanced, and your bobbin forever full….

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