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the bobbin thread has been giving me trouble more often than not...i have the tension balanced per Amy's suggestions; bobbin loose so all adjusting is done on top and when it works, the tension is actually quite good.

the only problem now, however, is that my bobbin thread keeps getting wrapped around the bobbin latch. other times, it gets caught between the bobbin case and the bobbin race. This happens with all sorts of thread; glide, sew fine, cotton/poly...


we retimed the machine a few months ago, could i have left a tad too much space by the bobbin finger thing?




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Make sure your bobbin is in the right way, and the thread tail is inserted into the little slot on the side of the bobbin case. Bobbin should spin clockwise when the tail is pulled. I mention this because it is opposite of my domestic and easy to get confused. Magnaglide classic magnetic bobbins eliminate the little birds nests when changing direction.

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i have 3 bobbin cases, one of which does not have that metal spring in it. i dont think i have magnaglide, but when the tech responded to another issue i had, she said "i see you have magnaglide..."  not sure how she knew that as i am second owner and not registered with them...i dont know what magna glide is! how would i know if i had it?


anyway, just to clarify:

the bobbin should spin clockwise when the thread is pulled, that is when i am looking at the bobbin in the case, and not when the case is inserted into the machine?

currently, i always wind my bobbin with the holes on the right, and then insert them into the bobbin case so the smooth side is up. 

maybe that is backwards.  i watched the bobbin maintenance video and they show the prewound cardboard bobbins, so that doesnt tell me.




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Magna glide is a type of bobbin that has a magnetic core.  You remove the bobbin brake spring when you use thes prewound bobbins.


When you put any bobbin into a bobbin case you put it in so that when you pull the thread through the slot on the side of the bobbin it makes a U shape back to where the thread is coming from - one thread on the inside winding off the bobbin the other half of the U on the outside of the slot

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