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Freddie is Truly a Rockstar!

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When my husband asked me to make a quilt for our niece's 21st birthday this past weekend, I wasn't sure if I could make it quick enough to mail it out before the holiday weekend. After a trip to JoAnns for some novelty licensed Spiderman quilting cotton and heavy fleece I cut out and pieced a Take 5 top with a 4" border. (Spiderman is our niece's favorite superhero.) So the piecing went quickly but I wasn't quite sure how well it was going to quilt up with such a heavy fleece backing. It's thicker than minkee which I've used in the past. It also doesn't have the same stretch. I loaded it with selvages on the leaders and started the quilt about an 1" away from the pins. This gave me about 5" of excess room at the bottom of the quilt. Yay! 


I guess that I could have quilted this without any batting but I wanted the puff factor. So I used Hobbs 80/20 batting and kept my go to thread loaded (Superior Threads So Fine 50 weight for top and bottom). It only took a few minutes of futzing around with the top tension which needed to be loosened quite a bit to accommodate the thickness of the quilt. But then it quilted up wonderfully. No problems at all. Freddie is marvelous!!!


The quilting panto is Gossamer by Hermione Agee found on Urban Elementz website. It's about 10" row height with a 13" or so pattern height. All with the assistance of Freddie's sidekick, IntelliQuilter.


Thank you APQS!



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