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I finished quilting this quilt for my Mom Recently! There is a special story about who she made it for, if your interested read all about it on my blog,

20966842479_7318bdd349.jpgMom's Bali Wedding Star by -RoseCity Quilter-

20964947690_0a71a18608.jpgMom's Bali Wedding Star by -RoseCity Quilter-

21143360372_bcc45aeec0.jpgMom's Bali Wedding Star by -RoseCity Quilter-


Quilting from the Heart

APQS Millenium, Circle Lord equipped, hand guided and lov'n it!!!

Quilting From the Heart is on Facebook!

RoseCity Quilter is also on Facebook!!

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So beautiful in every way.  I just love the personal, emotional, and loving element that quilting brings to us and our circle of loved ones, friends and family and clients alike.  Love the story, and your amazing work.


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It's a beautiful quilt and your quilting is gorgeous as always. I hope your uncle gets comfort from it.

It is so true when you said "It is a lot more than turning a quilt top into a quilt. It is also about the feelings that a quilt brings to the recipient."




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