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This is why I don't design quilts and why I use patterns lol. Several years ago I made some SBS blocks to practice my applique and hand embroidery. I wanted to make them into a quilt for my granddaughter but just wasn't sure how. I love scrappy quilts but have never made one, so another first checked of the to do list. I didn't have enough SBS's and didn't realize that my design would turn out so long and skinny.

How would it look to place a wide strip down each side to widen the top and then finish it with a border?I'm up for suggestions just please don't say make more blocks lol.


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I would remove the bottom row of SBS blocks, then add borders all around with the sides being somewhat wider than the top and bottom borders, but not hugely different. I think adding just side panels would only emphasize how long and skinny it is.

That's what I figured. My sister suggested taking the bottom row and putting it down one side but I think it would look off centered that way. I might just break down and make 12 more blocks.

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Is there a problem with long skinny quilts?  A nice border all around might be all it needs.  Being a skinny quilt makes it easier for your granddaughter to wrap it around her shoulders.  And with nice borders it would still be fine for a twin bed top.  I love that it's different than most.  That makes it unique and lovely!!!

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