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Almost New Millie for Sale

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 Want to give you and your family a great gift?  My hubby bought my 2008 Millie for me to entice me back to spend more time with him in the valley (Phoenix).  I already had a Freddie (in the mountains).  His plan didn't work out as planned.  I stayed here.  We enjoy the slower pace of the mountain community and are in the process of consolidating our two homes here in AZ to one in the mountains for retirement.


I purchase my Millie second hand, the gal that had her before probably made 4-5 quilts on here.f  Never learned or enjoyed the process, I suspect.  I paid a bunch for an almost new machine (or hubby did).  I've only done a couple of quilts on her since then as I spend 98 percent of my time at our mountain home.


Dave Jones, took her apart, packed her up, delivered and set her up in my space in the valley.  He did a full service on her included repacking the motors and bearings and new wheels just in case.  He did a great job.  In case you do not wish to personally disassemble and pick her up, I highly recommend his service to do this for you, he is great and reasonable.  He will deliver nationwide.


My Canadian friend, who is also on this board was visiting with me in Mesa, AZ and has the same make, model of this particular machine, remarked that this machine glides, performed so effortlessly and is far better than hers.  She pronounced it remarkable just this past Spring.


I added the wonderful Dave Jones lighting system, new zipped leaders, APQS locking wheels to easily move the machine around the room, Millie has a motorized fabric advance ($1350 upgrade) and the BEST computerized quilting system available today - an Intelliquilter computerized system!  She will come sans the Intelliquilter tablet which can be easily obtained and purchased separately from Intelliquilter as I was just planning to move my tablet between the two machines and homes.


Millie is on a 10 ft table.  Before you say than this is not long enough, please understand I have a 10 ft Millie and a 12 ft Freddie table.  98 percent of what I do for myself and others is smaller than a queen sized quilt, actually it's more like a lap sized quilt or throw.  I would actually consider keeping Millie and selling my newer Freddie, but Freddie is already where he needs to be in our retirement home.


When people say that you need a 12 foot table, you need to consider the real estate space  that will take up and your needs.  You will have to love doing king sized quilts.  Most  of what I do (97 percent) is smaller than queen sized for myself and clients.  Truthfully, I get bored quilting a king sized quilt and most of the people I occasionally quilt for they get bored piecing them as well.  You mileage may be different. If you feel you must have a 12 foot table, I can refer you to some resources I have that have 12 foot used APQS tables for sale.


I would like $15,500 for Millie AND the computerized Intelliquilter system.  I realize that sounds like a lot, but the Intelliquilter system alone is $12,500.  The extras are well worth it.


Sharon Harris


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Additional info


Title should be LIKE-NEW, not almost new.  Less than 24 quilts have ever been done on her.  Previous owner never got into it and I had it in our second home and didn't get there.  We are downsizing to one home and prefer the slower paced mountain lifestyle. 


A new Millie is $18,900 WITHOUT ROBOTICS or additional options.  Do the math.  This is very reasonable for a machine with Robotics and tons of options! 




  • Automatic Quilt Advance System ($1350 option)
  • Professional Dave Jones auxillary light setup - tons of light over your entire quilt ($500 option)
  • Harley base expander with Thread cutter ($130 option)
  • Set of four (4) locking frame casters to easily move your machine out of the way ($125 option)
  • New hopping foot to allow for interchangeable foot kit options ($165 plus service installation)
  • INTELLIQUILTER!!!  Simply the best computerized system out there!  NOTE installation, motors (servos), wiring, tablet frame, everything is ready to go.  You WILL need to bring a tablet for it to run.  Tablet and license is available from Intelliquiter direct for $5350.  This system is only 18 months old and the professional installation, wiring, and servos set me back $7000.  I am keeping my existing tablet that I purchased with my other machine, so that is why it is not coming with one.
  • Extra Laser Stylus with bracket that attaches to head and focuses on the center of hopping foot.  No longer available and it is priceless IMHO. 
  • Upgraded leaders and 2 sets of new custom zipper leaders


  • Deluxe Professional Table
  • APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder
  • Stitch Regulator
  • Lower Bobbin Thread Cutter
  • Multi-positional handles
  • Directional Electrical locks (straight-line Horizontal and Vertical)
  • LED light
  • Lifetime Customer Care and Support (transferrable)
  • L Bobbin
  • Self Lubricating bushings
  • Simple Disc Thread Tensioner
  • Needle Positioner
  • Single Stitch Button
  • Laser Stylus (I have 2)
  • Needle Speed 0-3500 SPM
  • Adjust free quilt table up roller
  • APQS Manual

Professionally set up and serviced by a certified APQS Tech

  • New M & M carriage wheels installed when set up
  • Machine completely gone thru, grease repacked, and professional service ($350 value)


Thanks for viewing,


Sharon Harris










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