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I entered my first local quilt show and got my first blue ribbon so very exciting.  Some asked me if I was a professional quilter,and really I want to be in the near future, but what are the qualifications for professional quilter....I'll have to think about that.  But while I"m thinking here's the huge mammoth of a quilt that was entered. Me and April (my Millie) quilted her.  This is a kings size (117 x 117) quilt, hobbs 80/20 on the bottom, hobbs wool on top.  That's one warm cozy quilt on a chilly night.  Some ruler work, some free hand feathers and a whole lot of fun.  Still can believe I got a blue ribbon.   Here's a couple of pics, simple log cabin made out of shot cottons.






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Sue your quilt is beautiful.  But I have a confession I thought you was a professional quilter already.  You post on another site I read at times and I have seen some of your beautiful quilts, one that you called Black Sea was gorgeous.  I went back several times to look at it. Thanks for the pictures.  Saundra :wub:

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I think you quilting truly looks professional.  Webster defines professional as; " relating to a job that requires special education, training, or skill".  


I think your skill set makes you a professional.  Though if you if you want to be a "real" pro-quilter, I think you only need to take in someone else's quilt, and get paid to quilt it.  Webster adds to the definition of professional; "paid to participate in a sport or activity".  While I do not believe that doing this will make you any better of a quilter, but it will make you a paid professional.


Thank you for sharing, and motivating all of us to participate in our next local quilt show.  I for one think I will have to take my time and truly piece a nice quilt, and then do my very best quilting job.  I will just have to find someone in my guild to help hand bind the quilt, as I think that is the most painful and difficult task in the whole process.  That is one task that I cannot find a bit of pleasure in.  


Congratulations on your first blue ribbon.  I am sure there will be more to follow if enter another show.



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