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The pattern is Flowers for my Wedding Rings.  My customer, Carolyn Stine, made this for her 50th Wedding anniversary. She did an amazing job piecing and appliqueing and I was privileged to quilt this for her.  Everything was done free form but the large block design I did with the laser light from the back of the machine.  This was completed on my 2006 Millie.  We are both ecstatic at how it turned out and our acceptance into the AQS Chattanooga and Des Moines Quilt shows and were included in their Facebook post showcasing the entrants in our category.  We didn't win any additional ribbons, except our Semi-Finalist one, which is an amazing thing considering the level of talent shown by the winners.  I am honored to be listed  as a semi-finalist among Marilyn Badger and Pam Clark.



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Heidi, please tell Madison she is very pretty in those glasses, but she is the pretty part!!


That is the smile I've been wanting to see.  It's just gorgeous.


Tell her also that I'm proud of the sewing she is doing and wanting to do.

She is a big help to you.   Yeah, at her age the iron can be a hazzard, though our Ashley used it when she was  7, and did quite well


hand is giving out and getting quite painful, so have to stop typing.

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