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I would explain to her the methods you use for keeping quilts square as you quilt. If you've been doing this for any amount of time at all I'm sure you've learned to deal with quilts that are at least 1/2" off. I believe her request comes from not understanding the longarm process. I certainly would not baste a quilt around the edges before quilting it on a longarm.


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LeeAnn...yes, she requested just around the edge.

I sometimes sew down the sides as I quilt...sometimes not. Maybe I should rethink and do it all of the time.

Another group I belong to says stop quilting for her. I really like this lady and her quilts are very well made.

I'm just trying to figure out how we can all be happy with the final results.

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I baste the edges...sometimes as I roll, but sometimes just top and bottom if I am going to turn the quilt. In the other group, you mentioned she was distressed about a 1/2 inch variation in the sides. If you did heavy quilting and got a half inch difference, she should block the quilt square if a half inch distresses her, or she can correct the half inch by easing or stretching when the binding is applied. I think your customer is unrealistic.

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I too sew the top square as I begin, and sew down each side as I advance the quilt.  And I too am careful about square...but 1/2" doesn't sound too far to be off.  I'm not understanding, does she mean she received a finished quilt back 1/2" off, and was not happy with that?  or that her top is off and needs to be squared with the quilting??   I only float my top and semi float batting (DH made batting bar for me)  and backing is on roller to help with square...In my limited experience, there are too many factors from batting thickness to density of quilting to sew the whole thing down first.  I agree with above that maybe she just isn't clear about the long arm process.  I think you might further explain or show her your set up if you want to keep her as a client.  If she's as nice as you say, perhaps that's all it will take.  good luck.

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