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For Sale: 12 ft Gammill Classic Longarm Machine

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Fantastic Price! Gammill Classic Longarm

Machine For Sale:

Price: $4800 for machine and all listed accessories below.


lighting system

two spacious rear drawers

dozens of high quality cones of thread

bobbins and bobbin holder

Brand new, stand alone bobbin winder barely used

Needles and oil

The machine was purchased new in the

fall of 2000 and is in very good working order. It has been regularly cleaned and serviced throughout the years to maintain optimal function.

If you are interested please comment here or contact Bethany at: Bethanyquilts@gmail.com

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No stitch regulator - but it could definitely be outfitted with one. I sewed on it along with my mom for many customers over the years. I'd like to keep it, but don't have room or time frankly to enjoy it right now. I have a busy 19 month old and am expecting my second child. Entering a new season of life as my hubby graduates school and may be moving out of state.

I am a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. My book is Modern Quilting Designs. I stitched all those designs on this machine and learned all I know on this machine. It's been a faithful tool and still has many years of use left in it. We've had a specialist service it over the years and have always kept it diligently clean and optimally functioning.

To see stitch quality and machine capability, check out my FB PAGE: BethanyQuilts.

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We are in central FL, located in Sanford. Not too far from Jacksonville. If you can find a way to move it yourself that's a great option, or I know a Gammill dealer that would probably move it for you for a reasonable fee. He'll be in my neck of the woods this month actually. So if you're interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.

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