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I desperately need some advice on what to do.  I have a new Millennium that I've only sewn a couple of quilts on so am very new to APQS.  I recently changed my bobbin after it ran out.  The next bobbin I have had nothing but trouble.  It'll sew just fine for a distance and then the machine feels like it won't move unless I really put a lot of power behind it.  Then the thread will break if I do that.  I've checked the bobbin and thread multiple times and seen the post about bobbins out of round but this is a brand new bobbin that came with my APQS from the factory.  This is the first time it's even had thread wound on it and hasn't been dropped so it's hard to believe it'd be out of round.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Cathy

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I am not an expert, but I believe you have a piece of thread wrapped around the bobbin spindle that the bobbin and bobbin case go over.  That being said have you tried another bobbin or bobbin case?


If you still have an issue after the change, it is probably a tiny piece of thread or lint that is stuck down around the bobbin spindle or in the hook assembly area.  You need to get a bright flash light with some magnifying glasses or something to see small detail, and pick out the offending item.


I would not try to power through it.  I hope this helps.



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Hi, It's back sewing fine again at the moment....I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way.  I THINK I figured it out.  I took the bobbin out and back in.  Then practiced on the edge on some extra fabric and it sewed fine.  So I stopped, used the thread cutter for the bottom thread, and cut the top thread.  I moved the machine onto the quilt where I was and brought up the bobbin thread, to tie off and it was really hard to pull up.  It was because some of the bobbin thread got tangled under the bobbin break in the bobbin case.  At least there was thread twisted in there.  After I reset the bobbin one more time, it is sewing OK.  I think I have issues after using the thread cutter and that not enough tail is left and the bobbin gets twisted in the case.   

Thanks for the quick reply!


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