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Mariner's Star - need design help

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Hi everyone. I need some help. This client brought me this quilt to do custom on. I am not a perfect quilter and have not done anything quite so detailed. Any ideas for quilting. It's just not talking to me. I need diagrams if possible since I don't completely understand what some suggestions are.

Also, I think the borders are going to be quite full. And it's all paper pieced and small bits of paper have been left on the back. Will they cause a problem while quilting it??

Thanks for your help.





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Awesome quilt. I am excited for you to quilt this. This kind of quilt makes me wish I had never sold my machine, and makes me want to apply for a loan today to get another one. If you have access to Pintrest, I believe it is one of the best tools a quilter could have. There are so many great ideas there. I just went to that sight and searched mariners star quilts, and so many great ideas came up. I am not going to try to give you ideas, mainly because I don't have a machine, and do not feel worthy to give ideas any more. Good luck with this quilt. I cannot wait to see the finished product. 

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This is just what I see, when I look at your quilt top.  Others can probably give you better suggestions.


I see feather circle in the center of each star.  Then SID around the star spears.  Then maybe just echo those same SID lines two or three times. Keep the line number consistent.  Or you could fill the green with Angla Walters' triangle fern fill pattern in "Shape by Shape"; I think it is on her blog, circles in the four dark red star points.  Teardrop in the yellow ones, and echo lines in the outer points.


The area in white around the stars, maybe an arch crosshatch.  The little leave areas; a straight line down the center with feather on both sides to fill the area.  The triangle border, SID with the same echo fill lines from the stars.  The border flowing feathers; something like Jamie Wallen teaches on YouTube.


I know nothing about if the paper will cause you issues.  Someone with more knowledge will have to provide you input on that matter.


Show us pictures when your done.  Take care, and best of luck quilting.



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