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I finished this little quilt today. It was pieced by my hubby, Roger. I did the appliqué. Pattern is a discontinued Judy Niemeyer pattern called Gooseberry Garden.

21994216810_1c6cb16fe4.jpgGooseberry Garden by -RoseCity Quilter-

21559597214_a67cfaf5be.jpgGooseberry Garden by -RoseCity Quilter-

22182319805_9e73e3081f.jpgGooseberry Garden by -RoseCity Quilter-

22156176096_8e63ab8569.jpgGooseberry Garden by -RoseCity Quilter-


Quilting from the Heart

APQS Millenium, Circle Lord equipped, hand guided and lov'n it!!!

Quilting From the Heart is on Facebook!

RoseCity Quilter is also on Facebook!!

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Gorgeous!!!  Boy does that backing really highlight your beautiful work too!

Valerie Smith

Pumpkin Patch Quilter

Pantograph Co-Designer for Urban Elementz


**As of March 2015 I will be Quilting on a 2000 APQS Certified Used Millennium!**

Quilting from January 2013 to February 2015 on a non-stitch regulated 1999 Ultimate 1

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