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How to load a partially quilted quilt?


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I have zippers on my machine, and really like them because I can zip on and zip off, but I have trouble with how best to reload the quilt when it's only partially quilted.

Is it best to start with the take-up roller, or the backing roller, or the top roller?

When I originally load the quilt, I follow Sue's directions that came with the zippers, and lay the backing over the take-up roller, and I really like how the drag of the quilt on the canvas makes the fabric very taut as I roll it. However, I can't seem to get the same tautness when it's partially quilted, and I end up with the backing and top on their rollers very loose and uneven.




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Hi Julia,

I take my partially quilted quilts off and on and have no problem.

After zipping them back onto the take up roller, I just float them and finish the rest of the quilt.

I just put a quilt back on that I took off because my Granddaughter was here for Easter and I didn't want her to see it before her anniversary. It is doing great.

We just had a thread with info on floating on ,( Had to send a QOV quilt back , unquilted). If you are interested.

Good Luck.

Carol C.

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