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Millenium for sale with a 14 foot table. Have had for 2 years and have only done about 12 quilts. Shortly after purchasing the machine my husbands health changed and I no longer have enough time to quilt. The machine comes with all of the original accessories including video, automatic wind/unwind with foot pedal, stitch regulator, thread cutter, needles, bobboins, laser light, some pantograms, etc.

asking $14,000. I live in Michigan. Buyer is responsible for pick up or delivery of machine. I can be reached by e-mail at or 586-980-0537.

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Faster than what....hand quilting, or doing it on your DSM....yes its way faster....if you are doing just a simple meander or stipple a queen can be done and trimmed and ready for the binding in about 2-3 hours.

If you plan to get fancier than that longer depending on the design. And custom can take up to weeks to do a quilt that size.

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