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SOLD:Tin Lizzie 18LS Longarm quilting machine

For sale: TinLizzie18 LS long arm quilting machine with Falcon frame. It has the Lizzie Stitch (stitch regulated), manual stitch (speed control), and gooseneck lighting.
Additional to the machine and frame, I am including the ruler base table for ruler work, laser light for panto graphs, micro handle bars for micro stitching, leaders, bungee clamps. These are normally additional costs and the bars on the frame, do not normally come included, but they will go with the purchase.
The stitch regulation allows for smooth and consitant stitch lengthsand makes for beautiful quilting. The back of the frame, has a built in table, for pantograph work. Those are beautiful designed rolls off paper, that you can follow with the laser light and create beautiful, professional looking, quilting designs. They take you from a novice to a pro instantly.
I would like to sell my machine for $3,500 with all the extras. If you are interested, inbox me and I will be back to you. Thank you.



Shipping not included. I am located in Creston Iowa


All original boxes manual, and dvd included. Thanks for looking

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Hi, Nola

           I'm happy to give you a call, but do not want to call too early. I have my new machine arriving at 10 and set up will take a bit. I can call you around 9am or after he leaves, say noon'ish? What would you prefer? I have 2 others that have responded from my craigslist ad, but you were first being the early, early hours of your response on here. I plan on calling everyone in order, so let me know and I can go from there. She's a 2009 model and I've quilted 10 or so baby/lap quilts on her and doodles/practice pieces. She stitches beautifully, the machine, not me :) My husband has surprised me with a new machine coming today. One, if I wanted to, I could add a computer. I'm a lifetime Army brat. My father, then my husband. After my husband heard of the Quilts of Valor program, he secretly stashed some cash to save for the new machine. We recently moved and I have a large studio space. I could handle two machines, but not knowing of this, I told my daughter that she could have the second half of the studio for her dance space. So here we are now, listed for sale.

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